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Architectural Design Development

Michael’s internship in “vernacular” architecture really began at the University of California, Berkeley. At the College of Environmental Design, he studied under some of the best architects of this genre. Joseph Esherick AIA, Charles Moore AIA, William Turnbull AIA, were just some of the architects teaching there while applying their design philosophies throughout northern California and eventually, the world. They teamed up with landscape architect Lawrence Halprin to conceive the design philosophy and style of architecture for The Sea Ranch, a ten mile long development located along the northern California coastline in Sonoma County. Michael moved to that area shortly after its beginnings and has applied the design principles of his mentors to not only his designs at The Sea Ranch, but even more evolved principles learned by living in the rugged climate along the coast. His main goal has been “excellence in architecture.” This is achieved by creating a seamless integration with the building and its surroundings while still incorporating very personal living spaces for a clients’ particular lifestyle. Its size, its use of space, the budget and materials, even the colors and textures of a design are all connected to the overall ideas and feelings expressed by the client.

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Architectural Design Development

This is what sets Michael Barron-Wike AIA apart, and clients and visitors to his projects often remark that they can sense this approach in the results. They often see it instinctively. The firm’s collaborative spirit, combined with personalized interior design consultations and 3D design technology, allows the clients to “see” their new home long before it is built. This advanced design approach gives the clients the freedom to offer personal feedback very early in the design phase as it literally takes shape in front of them on the monitor screen, well before any building begins. By doing so, the clients are ensured that they will be able to see very clearly what they are getting and how it dovetails into their own dreams for their new home or remodel.

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