This website is only the beginning of your journey. Please visit these resources to learn more about green design, architecture, and the home building process:

Green Architecture

Design for Solar Energy

How to Choose an Architect

The American Institute of Architects [ ] also offers a wealth of information on architects and architecture in the community, the environment, and how to select your architect:

Also, please visit our partners to learn more about some of the products and services we use in our work:

Chief Architect

The software tested and used by Michael in all of his designs

Summit Engineering

Our partner for providing exceptional site work analysis and structural engineering

Andersen Doors and Windows

Healdsburg Lumber

San Francisco Mart

The Mecca of wholesale home furnishings! The S.F. Mart stocks a mind-boggling variety of furnishings, from Victorian style to ultra-modern. We take our clients here to select many of their furnishings.

San Francisco Design Center

Clients are welcome to visit the West's premier home-design resource to get inspiration for their furnishings, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Michael Barron-Wike, Architect AIA

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