Design Philosophy

For more than 25 years, Michael Barron-Wike, A.I.A., has been creating environmentally responsible homes that merge with and reflect the rugged beauty of California’s Mendocino coast. And now, thanks to today’s easier communication methods and 3D technologies that Michael has helped to pioneer, the firm can design custom projects for distant clients throughout the world.

But the other component of excellence in architecture is a seamless integration with the surroundings while still incorporating the living spaces to a clients’ particular lifestyle.  Its size, its use of space, even the colors and textures of a design are all connected to the overall “look” and structure in context to its environment.

This is what sets Michael Barron-Wike apart, and clients and visitors to his projects know this instinctively. The firm’s collaborative spirit, combined with personalized interior design consultations and 3D design technology, allows you to see your new home and offer feedback as it takes shape, well before building begins.

The result: homes that are practical, beautiful, and comfortable. Homes that are connected to the earth and to the people who live in them.

Michael Barron-Wike, Architect AIA

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