Michael Barron-Wike, A.I.A.Architect

With more than 25 years in practice, Michael Barron-Wike has become renowned on the West Coast for home designs that marry comfort, environmental awareness, and cutting-edge technologies.


Michael has been at the vanguard of the “green” design movement since its inception. He studied with the pioneers of this new school of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and has gone on to lead residential and commercial projects in British Columbia and throughout California. His immersion in California’s remote coastal regions has informed his aesthetic and practical approach to design, both of which emphasize comfortable, elegant, human-scale designs that work in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Innovation + Integrity

Michael stays on the cutting edge of design technology while remaining connected to the roots of home design and building. He is a member of the beta teams for software developers Chief Architect; early in his career he apprenticed in the building and cabinetmaking trades, giving him first-hand knowledge of the realities of construction that he uses to this day to bring clients the latest tools, the best practices on a realistic budget.


Michael’s designs have won him accolades from clients, fans, and colleagues. His work is featured regularly in events by the Northcoast Soroptimists, and work has been featured in Architecture Week, Cadalyst, and House Beautiful magazines, as well as the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. He was recently selected to lead the design and construction of an ambitious community recreation and aquatics center in Gualala, California. His work is endorsed by Andersen Windows and Doors, Inc., and Healdsburg Lumber.

Michael Barron-Wike, Architect AIA

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