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2011 Annual Soroptimist House Tour, The Sea Ranch, CA

"Michael, you are right to be proud of what you have accomplished with the Black Point Reach, (Esherick-designed "Hedgerow House", circa 1965, Owners: Marks) remodel. It is absolutely spectacular and yet not egotistical. It is stunning, clean, comfortable, and exceptionally livable. Neither Chris nor I think that very many architects design spaces for people to live in. Most of your colleagues are into statements that will impress other architects.

Your work on this home sets you apart. From our point of view, the ultimate compliment for an architect working on a home would be to say it is well-built, beautiful, and livable. We pay you that compliment in full measure in this endeavor. (I also believe that any other architects that see this home will be jealous of your extraordinary talent."

Allen Francis, professional photographer

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