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About Michael Barron-Wike Architect AIA:

Business Established: February 1989

Michael’s internship in “vernacular” architecture really began at the University of California, Berkeley. At the College of Environmental Design, he studied under some of the best architects of this genre. Joseph Esherick AIA, Charles Moore AIA, William Turnbull AIA, were just some of the architects teaching there while applying their design philosophies throughout northern California and eventually, the world. They teamed up with landscape architect Lawrence Halprin to conceive the design philosophy and style of architecture for The Sea Ranch, a ten mile long development located along the northern California coastline in Sonoma County. Michael moved to that area shortly after its beginnings and has applied the design principles of his mentors to not only his designs at The Sea Ranch, but his designs have evolved to even more environmental integration with the use of passive solar design, and to what is now popularly called "sustainable design". His main goal has been “excellence in architecture.”

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Good "Environmental Design" starts with a careful site analysis that seeks to preserve the most powerful and nurturing natural existing elements, and to incorporates those with the structures that integrate with this setting. The design must complete the list of clients' needs and budget requirements as well. Durable, functional, and carefully crafted designs have been our goals since the very beginning of our business. If you think you may not be able to afford what you want, then let us help you determine what you can do with the budget you require. We are a complete service firm, meaning we help you from the selection of your property to the completion of the construction of your project, permits, bidding, construction supervision: a complete service practice.

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For more than 35 years, Michael Barron-Wike, A.I.A., has been creating environmentally responsible homes that merge with and reflect the rugged beauty of California’s Mendocino and Sonoma County coastlines. And now, thanks to today’s faster and easier communication methods, including 3D CAD technologies which Michael has helped to pioneer with Chief Architect software, the firm can design structures that are: modern, completely self-sustaining, fireproof, often "zero-net energy use" custom projects for distant clients throughout the world.

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Publication: 2013 May: Published in Trends Ideas Magazine Renovations issue, Marks Residence, The Sea Ranch, CA Link: Click Here.

Award: 2013 January: Published in Santa Rosa Press Democrat "Iconic Update" Marks Residence, The Sea Ranch, CA Link: Click Here.

Award: 2009 Spark Awards International Design Competition Finalist for Das Residence, Gualala, CA

Publication: 2001 Published in Cadalyst Magazine, Jacobs Residence, The Sea Ranch, CA

Publication: 1984 Published in House Beautiful Magazine "Building Manual", Hershberger Residence, Gualala, CA

Publication: Invisible Structures Driveway for the Das Residence, Gualala, CA Link: Click Here.

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