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Located in Gualala servicing Gualala, Sea Ranch, Bodega Bay and surrounding areas

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Michael Barron-Wike Architect AIA’s Architectural Services

Michael Barron-Wike Architect AIA is an established, fully licensed architecture firm with a portfolio of work marked by quality, creativity, sustainability, and attention to detail. We serve clients with start-to-finish services, approaching every new project with a collaborative spirit. We craft innovative buildings that masterfully blend function and form.

Your space has boundless potential. We welcome you to explore our website or contact our office at (707) 292-7174 to speak with one of our representatives.

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You dream it, we architect it

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Your Architect’s Services

Our firm is wholly devoted to developing modern buildings and inspiring environments. We’re passionate about contributing to the livability and visual appeal of our city. We build with a forward-thinking mindset, carving out interiors and molding exteriors that will yield results today and for countless tomorrows.

We believe that every space can tell a story. Every space can elicit a response. Every space can facilitate an experience. We’ve made it our mission to harness the limitless potential of space and capture our clients’ vision through timeless design.

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Concept-to-Completion Architect

As a premier architect in the area, we’re committed to seeing our clients through. We’re a full-service firm that offers all-encompassing architectural services, from site selection and feasibility studies to schematic design. While we serve a diverse clientele and tackle varying sizes of projects, we approach each new case with the same sky-high level of professional accountability and transparency. For us, budget limitations and time deadlines aren’t restrictive. Rather, they’re opportunities for us to shine.

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Sea Ranch New Residence Design

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Residential Remodels & Additions

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Coastal Development Permits Residences

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Personalized Architectural Support

Our in-house operations are marked by a personal touch that is rare in the industry. We don’t just serve our clients. We come along beside them to listen to them, work for them, and create with them. To that end, we emphasize collaboration throughout the architectural process. We seek to not only meet but exceed your expectations in every respect. We cater to all budgets, schedules, and sector-specific requirements.

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A Local Architect

Who We Are

For more than 35 years, Michael Barron-Wike, A.I.A., has been creating environmentally responsible homes that merge with and reflect the rugged beauty of California’s Mendocino & Sonoma county's coastline. And thanks to faster internet communication and "virtual reality" 3D technologies that Michael has helped to pioneer with Beta Team program studies in Chief Architect's software, the firm can design custom projects for distant clients throughout the world.

But the other component of excellence in architecture is a seamless integration with the surroundings to maximize the use of natural energy from the sun itself, and create a structure that can withstand the sometimes harsh, seasonal climate changes. The exteriors are practically bullet-proof in their construction to attempt to offset the weathering influences from the ocean, and potential wildfire threats that exist annually. At the same time, the critical design focus on the living spaces of each structure must meet the clients’ particular lifestyles. The home's size, use of space, and even the colors and textures of materials are all connected to the overall “look” and "feel" of the new home, in context to all these requirements and goals.

This is what sets Michael Barron-Wike apart, and clients and visitors to his projects know this instinctively. The firm’s collaborative spirit, combined with personalized interior design consultations and 3D design technology, allows you to "see" your new home and offer feedback as it takes shape, well before building begins.

The result: Homes that are practical, beautiful, and comfortable. Homes that are connected to the earth and to the people who live in them.

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